Why not let a Microsoft Certification recommend you?

As the world continues to be more digitally connected and jobs become more automated, technology remains one of the most dynamic and fast-growing markets. Globally, full-time employment in the IT sector was projected to reach 55.3 million in 2020, before the corona pandemic took its toll on everyone and affected a lot of jobs. Even so, IT is still the industry to be in if you want to become part of the progress. Artificial intelligence, cloud computing, Internet of Things are only a few of the tech trends that will experience significant growth in the years to come.

To make your contribution to the future of technology, you need to keep yourself up-to-date with everything that is happening and constantly upgrade your skills. One of the paths towards reaching a higher level in your development and career is to obtain a series of professional certifications that will undeniably state you are ready for what’s in store. If you believe putting your knowledge into practice is a good enough proof that you are fit for the job, this is also true. But how are you going to showcase all your great skills and knowledge in working with Azure Data fundamentals to an AI-powered HR bot screening resumes on behalf of recruiters? Why not let a Microsoft Certification recommend you? Let’s have a look at the top three benefits for obtaining an MS Certification:

1. Proof that you are committed to your profession and willing to invest in your future – It sounds like a cliché, but it is true. Having a professional certification will not only demonstrate that you have the required knowledge and skills, but also that you are the type of person with a growth mindset, focused on improving yourself and your work. And this can only bring a lot of advantages to you and the company you work for or, why not, to your own company.

2. Industry recognition – IT is a competitive market and setting yourself apart from others by getting a certification, can definitely increase your chances of being seen as a trustworthy industry professional.

For an employee, getting a certification and the industry recognition that comes with it, leads to better jobs, more collaboration opportunities as well as increased performance and satisfaction at work. If you are a business owner that offers IT-related services, a certification will give your clients greater confidence in your business. They will definitely feel safer and more secure knowing they are in specialist hands that have top-notch technical skills. Whether you own your company or work for another organization, your next opportunity may be decided by the certifications you have.

3. Validation for your technical competency – Preparing for a certification can be a great opportunity to check what concepts and frameworks you already know and use in your daily activity. Moreover, studying for the exam at your own pace can give you more clarity and time to understand and see the details that you have missed before. Applying the newly gained knowledge to your day-to-day activities will considerably improve your work by providing you with the tools and technical strategies you need for the execution of your projects, allowing you to work more efficiently.

Getting an MS Certification – You are not alone in this journey

You have finally decided to get a Microsoft Certification, but you don’t know what to do next? Whether you are at the beginning of your IT adventure or you already have a couple of experiences to share, Microsoft’s offer in terms of certifications addresses all profiles. The portfolio includes a series of role-based training and certifications designed to help tech professionals keep themselves up-to-date and ready for the future. You can choose from fundamental certifications, which cover the basics individuals just starting in technology should know, or the role-based certifications for those who want to take their career and knowledge to the next level. The braver ones can also explore the additional certifications, which include specialty, Microsoft Certified Educator, and Microsoft Office technical certifications.

After deciding on a certification, the first step towards obtaining it is to prepare for the exam. You can do this by going through the free and customizable learning paths that Microsoft Learn offers. Additionally, if you need further assistance during the preparation phase, Microsoft Learning Partners provide insightful, technical training solutions customized to your learning objectives. And due to the coronavirus pandemic, the instructor-led trainings will take place online. The same goes for the final step, which means you will be able to take your certification exam from the safety of your own home.

The process of getting a Microsoft Certification is straightforward and you receive a lot of support from beginning until the end. Once you pass the exam, you get access to your Microsoft Badge and you can start sharing your new achievement with your professional network.

Obtaining a certification may not be your end goal, but it sure is a great step towards achieving it. Whether your goal is to earn more money, build professional credibility or start your own business, Microsoft Certifications can help you fulfil it.

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