Masterclass: Advanced Deployment Pipeline Techniques

Date: 27 APRIL 2021, ONLINE

Training fee: €290/participant plus VAT, only 25 seats available

To book your seats, please contact us by email ([email protected]) or phone (+40 740 849 770).

Course Content

The Advanced CD training courses are aimed at people that are already familiar with the concepts of Continuous Delivery. We go beyond the basics of Continuous Integration and deployment automation and describe significantly more advanced techniques. Modules are a mix of presentations, workshops and interactive sessions. Course content is based on a series of modular units.

Advanced Deployment Pipeline Techniques

The Deployment Pipeline is a central concept in Continuous Delivery. It represents an effective, controlled channel through which all changes destined for production pass.
A defining objective in CD is to work so that our software is always in a “releasable state”. By applying high levels of automation to our development process, in the form of a Deployment Pipeline, we pass all changes to our production systems through this channel and evaluate them prior to release.
This means that the pipeline quickly becomes a strategic resource.
As our use of this important tool grows, the performance of the pipeline, in terms of the rapidity with which it can give valuable feedback on the quality of your work, becomes a central concern.

This course explores:

– Effective models for deployment pipelines.
– How scale-up your pipeline(s).
– How do you protect this strategic “channel to production”?

Day 1

Foundations of Continuous Delivery
• Recap of Principles of CD
• Importance of Cycle Time
• Controlling the Variables
• The goals & structure of a Deployment Pipeline

Infrastructure As Code
• What is it Infra as Code?
• Pros & Cons of Three Strategies for Managing Infrastructure
• Principles
• Practices
• Cloud Native Strategies
• Addressing Config Management Debt
• Security Concerns in Infrastructure as Code

The Anatomy of a Deployment Pipeline
• Development Environments for CD
• Successful Branching Strategies for CD
• Anatomy of a Commit Stage
• Anatomy of an Acceptance Test Stage
• The Role of Manual Testing in CD
• Performance Testing Stages
• Data Migration
• Strategies for Release into Production
• Working in Regulated Environments
• Automating Deployment

The Scope of a Deployment Pipeline – Strategies for Scaling Up
• What is the correct scope of a Deployment Pipeline?
• Why is this important?
• Three Strategies for “Scaling-Up” Pros & Cons
• Configuration Management in Complex Systems


This is an Advanced CD course, and so we expect that attendees will already be broadly familiar with the concepts of Continuous Delivery, as described in the Continuous Delivery book.

Practical experience with agile methods will help.

Attendees should be practicing, test and deployment automation, automated
configuration management and in particular Continuous Integration.
These course build on these foundations and take these ideas further.

About the trainer

Dave Farley is a thought leader in the field of continuous delivery, DevOps and software development in general. He is co-author of the Jolt-award winning book Continuous Delivery, one of the authors of Reactive Manifesto, an independent software developer and consultant, and founder and director of Continuous Delivery Ltd. Dave has been having fun with computers for over 30 years has worked on most types of software, from firmware, through tinkering with operating systems and device drivers.

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