Masterclass: Performant React.js applications with Server-side Rendering

Date: 25 October 2019, Iasi
Duration: 4h
Training fee: €150/participant plus VAT, only 25 seats available

To book your seats, please contact us by email ([email protected]) or phone (+40 740 849 770).

Building web applications with React.js is easy and fun; Building large scale, performant ones can be a bit harder.

This course is meant to help web developers to take full advantage of React.js SSR capabilities and by-that to get their applications to the next level, with best performance and better user experience.

About the training:

At first, there were static web pages, and it was good. Then came jQuery, and all other front-end frameworks like Angular and Ember, and they also were good. As the complexity of our Single Page Applications increased, so did the size of the files that we need to run them, and this was not that good… Therefore we must seek some of our old methods of rendering pages (or parts of pages) statically. The idea of sending a single HTML file with bunch of JS files holding all the required logic to load data and manipulate the DOM was perfect. But, the applications became bigger and bigger and webpack came to help bundling everything together and very few JS files instead of much larger number of them. And then again, the bundled files themselves became bigger and bigger, which led to page load issues and unnecessary logic sent to client as part of the whole application just for rendering the first page. This led webpack to come up with chunks, to lazy load the other parts which are not important for the initial rendering, and you see where it goes.
So why not taking full advantage of a single-page-application concept together with some server side rendering to make load time amazingly fast, and all that with our favorite son, React.js.
This class is all about SSR and how to take advantage of it along with your React.js applications to build application that reacts faster!
With a step by step walkthrough of everything required to transition a normal/common client side application to an isomorphic one that can be rendered on both client and server all-together to achieve the best user experience.


SSR requires some environment preparations and understanding of the overall concept or SSR, for that the class is divided into 5 main sections:

  1. SSR concept and challenges.
  2. Environment preparations and setup.
  3. Understanding the Serverpart of  SSR with Node.js integration and initial usage.
  4. Managing a single application state on both Serverand Client.
  5. Continue with Client side rendering to achieve full functionality of the application.

The course if fully hands-on and the participants will write a lot of code.


Front End developers that:

  • Have good hands on experience writing complex React.js applications.
  • Have some experience managing complex application state using known library like Redux.js or MobX.
  • Have good understanding of client/server paradigm.
  • Have some understanding of building and packaging web applications with webpack.
  • Are familiar with Node.js.


Developers attends to this course must:

  • Bring their own laptop
  • Have development environment consisting of:
    • IDE (Intellij/Webstorm/VSCode/Sublime etc.)
    • Node.js version >8 installed (NVM is preferred to install multiple versions of Node.js)
  • Have access to the internet

The trainer:

Royee is a technologist by heart, living and breathing the web and JavaScript with more than 15 years of experience in Front End web development, focusing on performance and better user experiences. He has been leading large scale projects, from early design, through software architecture and UI frameworks to deployment and customer facing products. Today Royee is leading the Front End at Intuit Israel to build an innovative modular platform that serves millions of users around the world with the best user experience based on Server-Side-Rendering technologies.

Training fee: €150/participant plus VAT, only 25 seats available
To book your seats, please contact us by email ([email protected]) or phone (+40 740 849 770).

Coffee Breaks included in the price of the Masterclass.

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