Welcome to the retail robot takeover

One of the main areas we’re starting to see the proven power of artificial intelligence is in the retail sector. Whether it’s a robot salesclerk whizzing down the aisles, ready to assist customers in need of directions, or number-crunching systems that make sense of big data rendering it both manageable and actionable to help a company make informed decisions that will positively impact its bottom line. There’s no denying that we’re only beginning to discover the value of what AI can bring to the table when it comes to sales, service and support to enhance the customer experience.

One proven example of the move towards making large volumes of data meaningful within the retail ecosystem is Salesforce Einstein, a robust set of services that brings sophisticated AI activities into Salesforce’s existing popular CRM. With Einstein, retailers can transform business, as usual, helping every department to run efficiently and do what they do best for their valued customers. The company can offer predictions and recommendations based on customer data and develop apps that will transform how shoppers interact with its online and physical stores.

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