How to create a custom Alexa skill using AWS Lambda and Serverless framework

In this article we intend to learn how to design and create a skill for a personal voice-controlled assistant from Amazon known as – Alexa – the cloud-based service that handles all the Natural Language Understanding, speech recognition and machine learning for all Alexa enabled devices.

The Amazon Echo is the first and best-known endpoint of Alexa Ecosystem that was built to make life easier and more enjoyable, simplifying everyday actions with voice commands.

The natural language processing of skill-building is handled on Amazon‘s side, the only thing that developers have to do is to provide the information that tells Alexa what to listen for and how it should respond. So, building a skill is easier than we initially expect.

It is important to design our skill before we start creating it. Prepare an outline or schema of the possible intents and entities that are relevant to the domain-specific topic of our application.

We always like to add a little happiness to every day, so let’s create a simple skill that can play (Pheasant) game – (in Romania, it is a popular game) a wordplay in which one of the players says a word and the other player has to respond with another word that starts with the last two letters of the given word. When one of the players does not find a word, the player is declared defeated.

Read more about it here.

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