Useful Information on How to Get to Iasi for Codecamp 2017

Tribute to the fact that Codecamp started in Iasi 10 years ago, we have planned a whole week filled with interesting events. Spanning from the 5th to the 16th of May, the event will feature numerous workshops, talks, presentations, contests and community building activities. Here is how everything will take place in Iasi:

  • 5-6th of May 2017 – The Hack
  • 8-9th of May 2017 – Open Days
  • 10-11th of May 2017 – Masterclasses
  • 12-13th of May 2017 – Codecamp International Conference
  • 13-14th of May 2017 – A party to remember


    If you’re in Bucharest, Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca or anywhere near these big cities and are thinking of attending Codecamp in Iasi for its great speakers and learning opportunities, we’ve searched for several ways you could get to Iasi.

    From Bucharest to Iasi

    If you live in Bucharest and really want to make to Iasi for Codecamp, these are the best options for you:

    Option 1: Take the plane

    This is definitely the fastest option and it can be highly affordable if you book your flight a few weeks in advance. With BlueAir, prices start at only 89.99 lei (20 euros) per trip and you have several daily flights to choose from depending on your schedule. Check out their offers here. With Tarom, the flight costs are bit higher and start at around 40 euros per trip – obviously, the sooner you book the flight, the cheaper they are. See more flight details on the company website.

    Option 2: Take the train

    The train can also be an excellent way to get to Codecamp, especially if you haven’t had time to read that awesome book you were planning on reading. The ride takes about 7 hours and costs around 90 lei per trip There are 5 trains that leave from Bucharest and go to Iasi every day, so you’ve got plenty of options to choose from. Yes, the ride is longer than a flight but, as we said earlier, you could totally use those hours to take a break, read a good book or listen to a webinar. Check out the train options here.

    Option 3: Take the car

    Your car or others’ 🙂 There’s a long distance carpooling service dubbed BlaBlaCar that connects car owners with empty seats and people travelling the same way. This will not only be cheaper than taking your own car, it will also be an opportunity to meet other people and have a less boring trip.

    With the car (yours or via a carpooling service) the ride from Bucharest to Iasi takes about 5-6 hours. The advantage of taking your own car is that you’ll also be able to use it in Iasi if you want to take the time to visit the city.

    From Timisoara to Iasi

    If you’re in Timisoara, you could think that Iasi is across the country and getting there might just be a nightmare. Well, not really….

    Take the plane

    Of course, there are also cars and trains but given the long distance, the plane is the best option to get to Codecamp Iasi from Timisoara. With BlueAir, if you book early, prices start at 30 euros per trip and it takes 1 hour to get from one city to the other. More details on flights and prices here.

    From Cluj to Iasi

    Getting from Cluj to Iasi used to be quite time consuming a few years back when there was no direct flight. Luckily, things have changed.

    Option 1: Take the plane

    It takes 1 hour to get from Cluj to iasi and costs 89.99 lei (20 euros) if you book early. You can check out the availability and the pricing here.

    Option 2: Take the train

    With the train, it takes about 9 hours to get from Cluj to Iasi. The good news is that there’s a night train with sleeping cars. It costs 90 lei (20 euros) per trip and if you sleep through the night you’ll be there in no time 🙂 More information on trains and time intervals here.

    Option 3: Take the car

    Whether it’s BlaBlaCar or your own car, the ride takes around 6-8 hours. What’s great about it is the scenery as you cross the mountains. Taking the camera with you won’t hurt!

    Ready for the journey? Looking forward to seeing you at Codecamp in Iasi!
    Meanwhile, check out the renowned speakers and IT leaders who will be present at the event and book your seat now to get the best price:

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