5G as The Backbone of Future Mobility

future of mobility 5g

As a leading automotive supplier, the HARMAN Connected Car team knows an important technology when they see one. After all, we were responsible for the world’s first single DIN radio/navigation system produced more than 20 years ago. But there is another paradigm shift on the horizon and it’s going to take a totally new type of connectivity for automakers to keep up—it’s going to take 5G. Read in full

Why Convertible Cruising is NOT the Same Without HARMAN

harman audio convertible cruising

In the summer, linen replaces wool, menus switch soup for gazpacho, and when reaching for car keys drivers prefer convertibles. Open air vehicles are all about the x-factor: they trade structural rigidity, weight, and storage space for the enjoyment that comes with dropping the top. But another component to that x-factor is music. HARMAN understands the value of being able to bring your beach playlist with you on a summer day—many JBL speakers are wireless and waterproof, made with outdoor activities in mind. Read in full

Harman brought the first infotainment system on the automotive market: MBUX – Mercedes Benz

harman mbux

2019 brought one of the biggest surprises in the automotive domain. More exactly, in everything that means techology integration, AR and car innovation. At CES (Consumer Electronics Show), Mercedes Benz presented MBUX, the infotainment system that uses augmented reality and it is already part of the new Mercedes Benz A Class.

How many of you ask who stood behind this project? In all these hardworking years that had as a result MBUX, they had a team of 100 romanians. Read in full