How to increase mobile purchases by implementing the right technology

With more than half of all internet traffic shopping from a mobile device, it is essential that your website is optimized to adapt to the technical limitations of a mobile device to meet your ecommerce goals. Statistics show that 40% of users will check what your competition has to offer if they have a bad mobile experience using your website.

So how you ensure that potential customers will thoroughly view your products on their mobile devices? How do you avoid frustrating them with product images that take too long to load? How do you provide a user experience that facilitates their mobile purchases and keeps them engaged with your site, instead of leaving to surf the Internet?

This article, written by OSF Commerce, an OSF Global Brand, presents several options you need to consider when creating a mobile-based ecommerce platform, and you will learn:

  • what to focus on when creating mobile-first websites
  • the benefits of native applications vs. its alternatives
  • best practices for developing a native application from Alexandru Guriuc, Mobile Division Director, at OSF Commerce
  • how you can support merchants and retailers in delivering a frictionless mobile user experience and connect with shoppers.